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Arozzi ZONA Mousepad 900x420x4mm

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Arozzi ZONA Mousepad 900x420x4mm


Double-Decker Polyester Fabric Mouse Pads with anti-slip bottom - in two sizes for gaming or everyday use.

Double-Deck Polyester Fabric & Anti-Fray Stitching


Compared to hard surface mouse pads, the cloth style offers much more control to your movements.

This is ideal for those who demand a high amount of control while gaming with a high DPI mouse setting – or,

for those who are editing with precision. The cloth mouse pad has stitching lined around the edges to prevent it from

fraying and due to its flexibility, it is also able to be rolled up for easy storage & transport.


Rubberized Bottom & Smooth Even Surface

Get the grip you need when you are in game mode with a rubberized bottom to ensure that the mouse pad stays firmly in place.

The Anti-Slip rubber also prevents it from bunching up like waves so you can have a smooth & even surface without



Protect Your Desk, Mouse, & Wrists

One of the most underrated features of having a mouse pad is how it protects your wrists.

With lots of repetitive movements, your wrists can endure lots of friction from a hard surface

– not to mention your mouse & desk getting scratched up and worn out faster.

The Zona Mouse Pads are 3-4 mm thick so your wrists can get can some nice cushioned support and avoid the cold surface

of a hard surface desk. 



Soft and flexible cloth for a soft cushioned support & easy transport.

Anti-slip rubberized bottom.

Double-deck polyester fabric for an evenly smooth surface.

Protect your desk and mouse from scratches and corrosion.

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